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DEC 31st 2021

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Looking for the best local epoxy flooring contractors in Jacksonville or Duval County? We have been helping the residents and business owners in the Jacksonville area for over a decade with our epoxy floors. We are proud to say that our installation comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Our team is comprised of highly trained professionals that will assist you in getting the right epoxy floor that you deserve. We take great pride in the epoxy floor coatings we install and do not settle for anything less than perfection. We are trusted around the Jacksonville area as one of, if not the best, epoxy floor installation teams in the area. Not sure where to start? Give Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring a call today and speak with one of the trusted price estimators to get you on the right track. Whether you're looking for epoxy garage floor, epoxy floor painting, concrete epoxy, metallic epoxy floor, or another epoxy flooring specialty, we give customers a quote on a job we always stay right on the budget that works for them. When you use our service, you never have to worry about the price increasing mid-project from added epoxy material or unexpected expenses. Our system uses price analysis to give you an accurate free quote every time. Our Jacksonville residential epoxy flooring, Jacksonville commercial epoxy flooring, and Jacksonville industrial epoxy flooring are some of the most durable in the industry.

If you're painting a garage floor or looking for a company that can help with your epoxy needs, contact us. We are garage flooring pros and are capable of everything from garage flooring and coatings to concrete jobs!

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Repair Your Cracks, Divots, and Other Floorings Detriments

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Epoxy Flooring Waterproof Based Primer and Resin

Jacksonville factory floor epoxy


Industrial Strength Epoxy Flooring and Epoxy Resin Installation

Durable epoxy floors


Polyaspartic and Urethane Epoxy Flooring Is Durable and Strong Forever

When researching durable epoxy garage floor coatings for your garage, basement, warehouse, factory, or any other building, you will stumble upon a plethora of epoxy options. You may ask yourself, “what is epoxy concrete flooring.” The epoxy compounds that cover your floor are formed by simply mixing two main chemicals together, epoxy resin and some sort of hardener catalyst. Once the compound is mixed, it can be applied over many surfaces including tile, concrete, plywood, glass, porcelain, etc. This type of epoxy coating typically lasts years and is a good option for a durable strong floor. This may lead you to another question, what is the difference between an epoxy floor and an epoxy floor coating?” The answer is simple, an epoxy floor is epoxy resin poured over a surface in multiple layers with a depth of at least two millimeters. In contrast, an epoxy floor less than two millimeters in depth is considered an epoxy floor coating. This resinous coating can be an ideal surface for many floor locations. Whether you want a garage floor coating or a rigid non-slip factory floor look no further. Our epoxy floor contractors here at Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring will fulfill all of your flooring needs. We specialize in garage floor epoxy installation, basement floors, factory floors, and more. Our Garage floor specialists and epoxy flooring experts will take care of you!

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DEC 31st 2021

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Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring

Our Epoxy Services

At Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring, we are proud of the variety of services we have to offer. If you do not see exactly what you're looking for then feel free to call us!

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There are a lot of different floors in the world, but epoxy flooring is unique. Unlike other surfaces that use concrete or wood glue as their base layer and then cover it up with refined sugars to give them an elegant shine - epoxies have only one important ingredient: high-quality resin mixed with hardener chemicals until they're just right for your particular need! This standard solid epoxy typically had a nice glossy finish to it so it looks extra shiny on your garage floor.

Flake Epoxy Flooring

The addition of Flake systems can give your floor an interesting visual flair. These vinyl chips are made up of various irregular shapes, including squares and diamonds to create a variety in color for when they're sprinkled onto freshly applied epoxy resin floors which might otherwise be seen as dull or unfinished because there's no other option but just refinishing old ones again after time wears them down easily over years worth if usage.


Whether you want to create an understated look or make your bright ideas come alive, a trusted professional will help guide you through the options so that every room has only what best suits its needs and style. A wide range is available with many color/texture combinations including: subtle tones for sophisticated looks; vibrant accents like marbleized inserts which can give any space instant glamourous appeal.


Metallic epoxy painted floors are a great way to create an exotic floor design with amazing effects. The best way to create a dynamic, lava flow design is by using the special multi-layered epoxy floor coating system. The process for producing these types of floors includes mixing through different colors, patterns and designs that are created by the additives in each layer as it cures creating movement where there was none before!


The epoxy will create a smooth, colorful look for designated walkways or other markings-it also provides many performance functions like slip resistance and abrasion protection for your commercial epoxy floor!


It's perfect if you're looking for waterproof qualities with hygienic cleanliness in mind; making this product very popular among businesses who want their work areas safe but always stylish too.


Concrete absorbs pollutants and contributes towards ground contamination which leads to costly maintenance and repairs for you and your industrial flooring!


Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring has a variety of coatings that will not only look good but also serve as an effective way prevent dirt from getting absorbed into buildings while protecting it against outside elements.

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We are the TOP-RATED epoxy flooring company in the Jacksonville and Duval County area.

Benefits Of Our Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring is a cost-effective and durable solution for your home or office. If you are in the market for a complete concrete driveway or patio call our associates at Jacksonville Pavers

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At Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring we are well known for having a large variety of epoxy flooring options. Everything from basic solid options to more exotic metallic and flake options. Call today to see all of our epoxy coating options.

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Epoxy floor coatings require less maintenance than you might think. Generally, epoxy is known for its easy maintenance regardless of what environment it is being used in. Simply power wash it from time to time and it stays strong and clean!

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When you choose to coat your home or business floor with an epoxy coating you will surely stand out. Epoxy kits typically come with the option to mix for any color you could think of. Whether you want solid grey epoxy or silver metallic, Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring has you covered.  

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Home Value

When you factor in all the benefits of installing epoxy flooring, perhaps one of the most valuable is the increased value to your home or business. Epoxy floorings longevity and long term value is one of the biggest reasons homeowners and business owners choose it as their go-to. 

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Epoxy flooring boasts many things but durability is one of its greatest benefits. Whether you need to store heavy equipment, drive on it, or do heat-related work, epoxy floor coatings will ensure that you won't have to worry about constant repairs or difficult clean-up. 

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As you will see below Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring contractors offer a wide variety of epoxy customization and colors. If you can think of the color you want for your epoxy floor then chances are we can mix it to match your vision. This is one of the reasons we are the best choice for your epoxy floor installation 

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Industries We Have Epoxied

At Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring, we are proud of the variety of services we have to offer. If you do not see exactly what you're looking for then feel free to call us!

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Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen, Garage & More

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Office, Parking Garage, Skyscraper, Apartment

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Warehouse, Factory, Large Buildings

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Elementary, Highschool, College, Gymnasiums, Classrooms

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Health Care

Hospital, Nursing Home, Health Facilities

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Personal Garage, Parking Garage, Auto Store, Mechanic

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At Home Gym, Private Gym Floors

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Grocery Store, Restaurant, Food Court

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Banks, Financial Institutes, Tax Offices

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Local, State, Federal Government Buildings, City Hall

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Church, Religious Buildings & Institutes

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Basketball Court, Sporting Arenas, Team Locker Rooms

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Residential Pool Floor, Olympic Pool Floor, Locker Room

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Hotel Lobby, Suite Floors, Bathroom Floor, & More

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Walkways, General Flooring, Bathroom, Waiting Lounge

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& More

We Epoxy Floors For Almost All Types of Industries. Call Us For More Information


For the past 25 years, our floor coating systems have been exclusively used in commercial and industrial settings. Before we formed Jacksonville Epoxy; many of these same customers desired what we could do for them but there was no such thing as an affordable option that suited everyone's needs--until now!

We don't cut corners to save time or money. We install our floors with pride and make sure that it's done the right way every time. We're a family-owned business working in your home, not just another contractor out there trying to take advantage of you! We are the only flooring contractor you need. We install our floors with pride, and make sure that it's done right every time!

If you have a question about your house siding or are interested in a free estimate then call us today! (904) 664-1197

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Our Epoxy Flooring Standard

Our team of experts believe that epoxy flooring should offer you more than just aesthetic value. We think it should protect your investment and withstand the test of time.

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Experience and Knowledge

When seeking garage floor epoxy companies nearest to you, it’s understandable for homeowners like you compare Epoxy Installation estimates from different contractors. If your project involves a large space such as a basement, garage floor, or even a commercial property then cost is just as important. Jacksonville garage floor contractors near you are ready to give you the best possible prices with fast estimates and flexible options. Call us today to find out more and get all of your questions answered. 

Tacoma Clapboard

Punctual Delivery

The Jacksonville epoxy flooring near me company is going to work hard to gain your trust and loyalty. Keeping that trust, as well as being loyal customers ourselves for years now has made us the best in town by far! Not only do we offer great prices with high-quality materials but also top of class service on every job done. We know once you've seen how smoothly everything goes together among other things just looking around our website will give this away because not only are there testimonials from people saying what an amazing experience they had dealing directly w/us

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Quality Material

The cost of replacement flooring is an important consideration when buying new materials for your home. To help reduce that expense, many epoxy companies offer discounts or incentives to homeowners who request quotes from them in some way--fill out forms online and get estimates are just two examples among many possibilities! We only offer the best materials at the most affordable rates!

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We offer endless colorways with our epoxy floors at Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring. If you have a color in mind then let us know and we can make it happen.


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