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residential epoxy flooring jacksonville epoxy flooring

Residential Epoxy Flooring in Jacksonville, FL

If you're looking for the best epoxy flooring in Jacksonville, Florida, look no further than Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring. We've been providing top-rated epoxy flooring services to homeowners in the area for years, and our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our teams of experts are available to offer free consultations so that you can learn more about installing residential epoxy floors. We're confident that you won't find a better epoxy flooring company in Jacksonville, Florida, so call us today to schedule your free consultation.

jacksonville epoxy free estimate residential

Estimate - ( Day 1 )

jacksonville epoxy residential installation

Residential Installation - ( Day 2-4 )

Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring finished epoxy floor residential

Finished Floor ( 2-4 Days )

Top-Rated Residential Epoxy Floors

We are the #1 residential epoxy floor coating. High Quality Flooring for your Jacksonville, FL home.

Epoxy floors are a type of flooring made from a mixture of polymer resins. They are strong and durable, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Epoxy floors are also easy to clean and maintain, and they can provide a slip resistant surface. In addition, with epoxy flooring you can have a custom floor with a wide variety of colors and patterns. For these reasons, epoxy floors have become increasingly popular in residential homes. When properly installed, an epoxy floor can provide many years of trouble-free service. If you are considering epoxy flooring for your home, it is important to consult with a qualified flooring contractor like Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring to ensure that it is the right choice for your residence.

Interior Residential Epoxy Flooring

For many homeowners, the thought of epoxy flooring brings to mind commercial and industrial settings like warehouses and garage floors. However, epoxy is actually an increasingly popular choice for residential settings. It is highly beneficial because of its durability and longevity. Unlike many other types of flooring, epoxy is resistant to scuffs, scratches, and stains. There are lots of options of designs that can be used to enhance and beautify the overall appearance of your home.

Kitchen Residential Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to kitchen floors, there are many different options to choose from. However, epoxy flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice for kitchen floors. It is a great choice, especially for those looking for a durable and low-maintenance floor. Residential epoxy flooring is a great way to create a unique look that will last your kitchen floors for years to come. Whether you're looking for a sleek, modern look or something more traditional, epoxy flooring is an excellent option for your kitchen floors.

Living Room Residential Epoxy Flooring

Your living room is a crucial component in any well-designed home, and our residential epoxy flooring provides durability and easy cleanup, which makes it an excellent choice for those who have children or pets running around their homes. With epoxy floors comes all sorts of benefits including being able to choose from many different designs that will suit both styles with ease--and no worry about stains left behind by spilled drinks on carpeted stairs (or elsewhere).

Our Epoxy Floors Are

waterproof epoxy floor jacksonville


slip resistant jacksonville epoxy flooring

Slip Resistant

u.v. resistant jacksonville epoxy flooring

U.V. Resistant

jacksonville epoxy flooring industrial strength

Industrial Strength

jacksonville epoxy flooring maintenance free

Maintenance Free

impact resistant jacksonville epoxy flooring

Impact Resistant

Benefits Of Our Epoxy Floors
3d epoxy flooring jacksonville, fl

Our Epoxy Floors Won't

jacksonville epoxy flooring crack and chip resistant

Crack or Chip

jacksonville epoxy flooring never lose it's color

Lose Its Color

jacksonville epoxy flooring never leave tire marks

Leave Tire Marks

jacksonville epoxy flooring no maintenance required

Require Maintenance

jacksonville epoxy flooring never create a wet surface

Create A Wet Surface

jacksonville epoxy flooring never lose its strength

Lose Its Strength

Why Get Your Home Floors Epoxied

Maintaining a clean, attractive home is an important part of ensuring your happiness and well-being. One simple way to improve the looks and functionality of your flooring is to epoxy it. Epoxied floors are highly durable, stain-resistant, chemical resistant and easy to clean. They can also be finished with a wide range of attractive designs and colors, making them perfect for bringing a unique aesthetic to any room in your house. Furthermore, epoxied floors are incredibly versatile, as they can be applied to virtually any type of existing flooring material. Whether you have ceramic tile, linoleum, concrete, or hardwood floors in your home, epoxy coating can be used to improve their durability and appearance.

jacksonville epoxy flooring slip resistant


jacksonville epoxy flooring unrivaled durability


jacksonville epoxy flooring highly customizable


impact, chemical, and crack resistant jacksonville epoxy flooring


easy to clean & no maintenance jacksonville epoxy flooring


jacksonville epoxy flooring quick installation


residential epoxy floor jacksonville
 residential resin flooring jacksonville
 residential epoxy flooring jacksonville, fl

Benefits Of Installing Your Epoxy Floors with Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring

Whether you need epoxy floor coating in your kitchen, garage, basement, or another space renovated and installed with epoxy, Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring has you covered. With our excellent service and flawless customer satisfaction, we are the company that will get it done for you.

Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring is a full-service epoxy flooring company. We specialize in the installation of epoxy floors for residential customers. We have a wide variety of epoxy floor coating products to choose from, and our experienced contractors can help you select the perfect epoxy. In addition to our high-quality products, we also offer competitive prices and outstanding customer service. Our epoxy flooring products are designed to last for many years, and we offer a warranty on all of our products.

Contact us today to learn more about our epoxy flooring products and services.

We Are The Leading Epoxy Flooring Contractor For Your Home

Are you looking for an epoxy flooring contractor to protect your investment and increase the value of your home? Look no further than Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring in Jacksonville, Florida. We Are The Leading Epoxy Flooring Contractor. We specialize in epoxy flooring installation, repair, and maintenance, and our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the best possible service in our client's abode.

We offer a wide variety of epoxy flooring services like residential epoxy flooring, and we'll work with you to find the perfect solution for you. When it comes to protecting your investment and increasing the value of your home, we're the leading epoxy flooring contractor you can trust.

Our residential epoxy floor coatings are:

  • Waterproof

  • UV resistant

  • Impact Resistant

  • Durable and Versatile

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Slip resistant

  • Chemical resistant

 residential epoxy floor jacksonville

Industries We Have Epoxied

At Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring, we are proud of the wide variety of services we have to offer. If you do not see exactly what you're looking for then feel free to call us!

jacksonville epoxy flooring residential


Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen, Garage & More

jacksonville epoxy flooring commercial


Office, Parking Garage, Skyscraper, Apartment

jacksonville epoxy flooring industrial


Warehouse, Factory, Large Buildings

jacksonville epoxy flooring schools


Elementary, Highschool, College, Gymnasiums, Classrooms

jacksonville epoxy flooring health care

Health Care

Hospital, Nursing Home, Health Facilities

jacksonville epoxy flooring garage


Personal Garage, Parking Garage, Auto Store, Mechanic

jacksonville epoxy flooring gym


At Home Gym, Private Gym Floors

jacksonville epoxy flooring restaurant


Grocery Store, Restaurant, Food Court

jacksonville epoxy flooring bank


Banks, Financial Institutes, Tax Offices

jacksonville epoxy flooring government


Local, State, Federal Government Buildings, City Hall

jacksonville epoxy flooring church


Church, Religious Buildings & Institutes

jacksonville epoxy flooring sports


Basketball Court, Sporting Arenas, Team Locker Rooms

jacksonville epoxy flooring pool


Residential Pool Floor, Olympic Pool Floor, Locker Room

jacksonville epoxy flooring hotel


Hotel Lobby, Suite Floors, Bathroom Floor, & More

jacksonville epoxy flooring airport


Walkways, General Flooring, Bathroom, Waiting Lounge

jacksonville epoxy flooring

& More

We Epoxy Floors For Almost All Types of Industries. Call Us For More Information

We want to make sure you're informed before making a decision on your home's flooring

Is residential epoxy safe for families with children? When it comes to epoxy floors, there are many myths and misconceptions floating around. One of the most common is that epoxy is not safe for families with young children. However, this is simply not true. Residential epoxy floors are actually very durable and easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for families with young children. In addition, epoxy floors are slip-resistant, which can help to prevent accidents in the home. With proper care and maintenance, an epoxy floor can last for many years, providing a safe and durable surface for your family to live in.

How long does it take to install epoxy on residential floors? The answer depends on a number of factors, including the size and type of floor you have. For example, installing epoxy on a concrete floor is typically faster than installing it on a wood floor. In general, you can expect the installation process to take anywhere from one to three days. On the first day, the floor will be prepped and the epoxy will be applied. Once the residential epoxy has cured, which usually takes 24 hours, it will be time to apply the final coat. Finally, on the third day, the floor will be sealed and ready for use. So, if you’re thinking about adding epoxy to your home, be prepared for a bit of a project. But in the end, you will have a beautiful and durable floor that will last for years.

How long does it take for residential epoxy floor coating to be installed? If you are considering installing residential epoxy flooring, it is important to understand the process. First, the existing flooring must be prepared by removing any wax or sealant. Next, the floor is cleaned thoroughly and allowed to dry completely. Once the floor is prepared, the epoxy resin is mixed and applied to the floor in thin, even coats. After the epoxy has had a chance to cure, it will be hard and durable, providing a long-lasting finish for your home. The overall timetable for a residential epoxy floor to be installed is around 1-3 days.

Can I apply residential epoxy on damaged concrete? Epoxy is a resin that can be used to repair damaged concrete. It is typically used in commercial, industrial, and residential settings. Epoxy is applied in a liquid form and then cures to form a hard, durable surface. It can be used to repair cracks, holes, and other damage to concrete surfaces. Additionally, epoxy can be used to provide a protective coating for concrete surfaces. When applied correctly, residential epoxy can extend the lifespan of concrete surfaces and help to prevent further damage. If you are considering using epoxy to repair damaged concrete, it is important to consult with a professional to ensure that it is the best option for your floors.​

Whether you’re looking to add a high-end look to your home or simply want a durable and easy-to-clean flooring option, Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring Company is a great place to start.

Serving The Jacksonville, FL Area
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