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Have your solid epoxy floor project built with one of our Elite Preferred epoxy flooring contractors. Our epoxy floors are a modern solution for your surfaces.

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About Our 100% Solid Epoxy Floors in Jacksonville, FL

High quality flooring at an affordable rate

The best floor coating there is, by far? That's right. It might be difficult to find a material that has proven more durable than epoxy for residential use - especially when you're talking about 100% solids products like Jacksonville Epoxies® premium epoxy paints and coatings! Unlike other types of construction surfaces or woodwork jobs where often times sanding down old finishes comes into play before anything else happens (including priming), with our floors all we have left are bare boards waiting patiently until their time comes around again next year at this very moment...

Professional installation for a professional type of look. A flooring project should not be taken lightly, especially if you're working on your own and using 100% solids epoxy because it has an extremely short pot life (30 minutes) with only one hour before the resin has hardened into place which makes removal very difficult unless done by professionals who are experienced in proper tools like notch squeegees or razor blades can be used to cut away excess material quickly while obtaining smooth edges without any grooves; however this drawback also means many DIYers appreciate these types floors due to other fast curing time as well.

Our patented process produces superior quality results in just 3 days which means less work on your part but don't worry because I'm here 24/7 helping out whenever needed.

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Why Choose Us For Your Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring?

Our years of experience and expertise have taught us a thing or two. Here’s what we know about creating a beautiful epoxy flooring on your property:

Top Rated Service

If you're looking for the best quality flooring with a professional, experienced team then Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring is your go-to company. We have been providing excellent services since 2003 and only use high-quality materials that will last you years!

Excellent Reviews

What are you waiting for? We know that all the talk about flooring is centered around epoxy, but don't take our word for it. Check out what some happy customers have said! Feel free to leave us feedback of any kind - whether it's good or bad- so we can continue improving as craftsmen and professionals every day.


Our epoxy flooring crews have over 100 years of experience when it comes to planning, designing, and installation. We believe that working together is the best way because you can get things done quickly without any hassle or delay!

Built With Care

We are committed to providing the highest quality service for all of our customers. When you work with us, your satisfaction is guaranteed since we always go out of our way in order to meet these standards and more! Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring guarantees no job is too big or small.

Client Comes First

Our professional epoxy flooring contractors have been servicing residents for over a decade in the Jacksonville Florida area. We want to make sure that you are getting top-notch service by using only highly trained professionals who understand what it takes to provide quality work on your home's most valuable asset!

Licensed & Insured

You can rest assured that our epoxy flooring contractors are licensed and insured. All of their workers have been qualified, so you know your home is in good hands with us!

Advantages Of 100% Solid Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is the ideal flooring solution for any room. Discover how our innovative products can change your home or workplace today!

As the name suggests, this coating does not contain any water or solvents that could evaporate while curing. It will maintain its thickness, body and shape after cure!

The biggest advantage to using 100% solids epoxy coatings is that it's much faster than mixed paints. The drying time for this kind of product also makes them very popular in businesses where money isn't an issue and they need their products as soon as possible after application like many construction companies do. VOCs are dangerous and can be deadly in small spaces. The higher the VOC content, the more harmful it is for consumers who want to do their own project at home without worrying about safety hazards.

For professionals, 100% solids epoxy floor coating is a great option because of its fast drying time. They can get their work done much faster and more efficiently than less solid paints or coatings that take longer to dry out on site before being walked over with bare feet. The job will be finished in no time at all; you could walk right over an area where this has been applied within hours - perfect for consumers who want their equipment working again as soon as possible! Additionally, when using high-solids products like ours then there's even greater support available which actively increases how long your new floors.

The pros and cons of a 100% solid epoxy coating are weighed against the various options that consumers have when deciding what type to use for their needs. Solids can be great if you want protection or strength, but they're not always ideal because some jobs require flexibility in order to meet deadlines - such as with builders who might need fast turnaround times on construction projects where higher temperatures might cause problems with solids coatings (this happens more often than one would think). Consumers also consider factors like cost-effectiveness: is there enough material left over after we apply our finish coatings so it won't interfere? What about environmental considerations – does using chemical inducer reduce green hazards.

Benefits To Our 100% Solid Epoxy Floors

All the benefits and advantages of Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring broken down for your easier comprehension.

The high-gloss shine floor is a beautiful, modern addition to any home.

These fluids are all impervious to the various oils and gasses that they come into contact with on a regular basis!

You can save a lot on long-term costs with our epoxy floors.

Epoxy Floors will last for years with little or no regular maintenance.

Easy to clean surfaces.

Increased slip, fall, and fire resistance.

Increased property value.

Perfect option for any commercial, industrial, or residential property.

Our Epoxy Installation Process

Creating the best epoxy flooring solution for you

Estimate - ( Day 1 )

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Installation - ( Day 2-4 )

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Finished Floor ( 2-4 Days )

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Our Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring experts are licensed and qualified to provide you an over the phone or online estimate. If additional work is required for your floor then they will come out to your location and inspect the additional work needed.

The installation process is fairly easy after inspecting and prospecting the size of your floor, materials wanted, and additional work required. Most floors are installed and useable within 4 days. Many are completed within 48 hours.

Generally, our epoxy flooring contractors are able to give an estimate, install, and finish an epoxy floor all within the same week. Most floors only take a few days to complete, depending on the scope of the project. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy Flooring

We want to make sure you're informed before making a decision on your floor

What are the benefits to me getting an epoxied floor? Don't let the price tag throw you off! The materials and installation costs of epoxy flooring are not very high, making it an easy investment. It's also stain resistant so if spilled liquids or chemicals happen to get on your floors they'll be easy enough for anyone with some cleaning products around the house can handle them without too much stress (and mess!). A glossy surface makes clean ups even easier - think about how popular this type has become in hospitals because their durability means less worrying that something will scratch up all our nice furniture.

What is an epoxy floor?  Epoxy floors are a great way to add durability and stain resistance in a cost-effective manner. Not only does epoxy help protect against harsh chemicals, but they can also withstand high traffic areas that would otherwise wear down other materials over time! In recent years their popularity has been steadily growing as people realize just what this unique material offers them: not only is it stronger than most counterparts out there on the market today without sacrificing its looks or ease of maintenance; you get all these benefits along with increased safety thanks to being lead free too.

How much does an epoxy floor cost to install? The two most expensive parts of epoxy flooring are the materials and installation. The more you pay for it, the higher quality your new color will be; but even at lower prices ($4-40 sqft), there is plenty to love about this durable surface! You can purchase gallons upon gallons (starting as liquids) which means that if one gallon goes bad on you then no big deal - just fill up another cup like nothing happened. On average these come in between 30%/70%. If someone wants something cheaper though they need only buy 15%-20%, which costs less per square foot than anything else out there thanks also having easier installations.

What is an epoxy resin then? First, it’s important to debunk a common misconception. epoxy is actually first and foremost an ingredient- so when you ask what “epoxy flooring" means, the answer will always include both ingredients (epoxies) as well as their processes used together in all types of applications for these products that employ them including sealant coatings on concrete or even just stains. You can use our friendly technicians if needed!

What is concrete polishing? Polished concrete is similar to epoxy flooring in that it has the same sleek and shiny feel. Unlike with epoxy, however, polished concrete can be scratched or marked by various things such as water droplets and dirt particles making them less durable than their counterpart material which will resist stains better if spilled on its surface. To maintain this type of design element we recommend cleaning regularly using a damp cloth for best results along with sealants when applied after installation.