atlantic beach epoxy garage floor
Atlantic Beach Epoxy Flooring

Atlantic Beach Epoxy Flooring

Beautiful epoxy flooring installed for your garage, basement, or business with one of our expert Atlantic Beach epoxy installation contractors. 

The Best Epoxy Flooring Company in Atlantic Beach

As the leading epoxy flooring service provider in Atlantic Beach, FL, Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring stands out among its competitors. We've got a team of highly skilled and competent professionals who are known for delivering the very best service to our clients. We meticulously install each and every epoxy floor with high precision so your floor is done right the first time. Whether you are looking for a polished, showroom-quality flooring or perhaps a more durable & low-maintenance choice for your home or workspace, we've the best epoxy flooring solution to suit your needs. We are able to build your epoxy flooring to fulfill any kind of style, whether it is elegant & long-lasting or superior utility with clever design. Make an informed decision - select Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring.

Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring gives high-quality epoxy floor solutions & services to domestic and business customers in Atlantic Beach, FL. Our company specializes in installation of epoxy floors, polyurethane floor surfaces, along with other kinds of flooring systems which are long-lasting and simple to maintain. We use state-of-the-art machines and techniques, & our epoxy floors are supported by a life-time warranty. Give one of our flooring specialists a call today to discuss your epoxy flooring project.

At Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring, you will find a number of floor coating solutions to meet your needs. We can add (or fill) epoxy flooring to just about any kind of floor surface. A few of the epoxy finishes we provide are:

  • Solid 

  • Metallic

  • Polyurethane

  • Quartz

  • Flake

Epoxy Floor Coatings by Experienced & Licensed Epoxy Flooring Contractors

You can actually customize each and every option based on your preferences. As an example, our solid epoxy flooring is good for high-traffic areas because it is pretty long-lasting and easy to maintain. Our metallic epoxy floor, on the other hand, will provide a distinctive, one-of-a-kind appearance. We're certain that we can offer you the best epoxy floor coating solution to suit your needs, no matter whether they are residential or commercial. Contact us now to get more information! Our company offers a high quality epoxy floor coating service that will fully change the look of your floor surface. It's really a good way to safeguard your floor surfaces and make them look amazing at the same time. Our epoxy flooring services are dependable and our team is experienced in installing epoxy floor surfaces.

atlantic beach epoxy flooring

Atlantic Beach Epoxy Flooring 4 Layer System*

Epoxy Floor Coating Atlantic Beach

Flake Epoxy Garage in Atlantic Beach, FL

Epoxy Flooring In Atlantic Beach

Our Epoxy Floor Coating Service Include

Are you looking for a high-quality epoxy floor installer? Consider Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring. We specialize in epoxy floor installation and have got years of practical experience working with all kinds of epoxy floor solutions. We know that each and every project is unique, and we invest time to consult with you actually to be sure that your new epoxy flooring is exactly what you desire. No matter what your requirements, right from new epoxy metallic flooring to garage floor, we can help out. Call us today to know more regarding our epoxy floor services and just how we can assist you to achieve the results you need.

Your garage is one of the most heavily utilized regions at your residence. It is exactly where you will park your motor vehicle, keep your mower and other outdoor gear, and maybe even use it as a workshop. This floor is actually most susceptible to damage from a lot of foot traffic, high temperatures, as well as moisture. Spills & stains can also entirely ruin the flooring. That’s exactly why it is crucial to protect your floors with high-quality garage floor epoxy. Garage floor epoxy is a durable, protective coating which will protect your floors right from everything. Furthermore, it provides your space a nice, finished overall look. At Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring, we concentrate in helping you build the right garage or basement and we provide a number of epoxy floor solutions to choose from.

With bare concrete floors, you are essentially bound to what you have got. They're rugged & low-maintenance, however they simply don't look nice. A fantastic choice for replacing your concrete floor is an epoxy floor. Epoxy is actually a resin that could be used to cover concrete flooring in order to give them a sleek, glossy look. It's also very long-lasting and resistant against stains & scratches, which makes it well suited for high-traffic regions. On top of that, epoxy floors come in a wide array of colors & designs, so that you can customize your garage floor to fit your style.

Adding an epoxy floor to your residence can create a really unique & attractive look which will set your home aside from the rest. The sturdiness & water-resistant nature of epoxy floors enable it to be perfect for any kind of room of the house. And also with our huge array of decorative options, you may create a one-of-a-kind look for your home. Whether you select epoxy flake or metallic epoxy, we can help you create the right finish for your living space. Our setup process is actually quick and easy, so you can take pleasure in your new floors in no time. Let us assist you add some final touch to your rooms at your residence. Contact us right away for a free consultation!

Epoxy floors are fast-becoming the standard in production facilities because of the amazing benefits they offer. Our epoxy floor systems are designed to help make manufacturing flooring easy to maintain & boost efficiency. Not only does our epoxy flooring provide a highly long lasting & solid surface that can endure perhaps even the toughest manufacturing environments, but they are also created to reflect light, thus offering a vivid & well illuminated workplace. Whether you need a heavy-duty epoxy for your storage facility, a resilient epoxy for the manufacturing area, or a water-proof epoxy for your dock, you can depend on our company to develop a floor to last.

A 3D epoxy floor is a unique & beautiful approach to finish your floor surface. This type of flooring uses a unique epoxy resin to create a 3 dimensional design. 3D epoxy floor coatings are an easy way to include some personality in your space, and they can really make a statement. Epoxy 3D floors are increasingly becoming popular in halls, shopping centers, museums, residences, offices, and condominiums because of their creativeness & high performance. If you're looking for something wonderful, contact today and inquire about our epoxy 3D floor choices.

Epoxy floors are amongst the preferred options for commercial facilities for numerous reasons. It is quite durable and will withstand lots of wear and tear, which makes it perfect for high traffic regions. A major advantage of epoxy floor surfaces is they are very simple to maintain and keep clean, which is particularly important for commercial places with strict sanitation policies. In addition, epoxy floorings are FDA approved and anti-microbial, which makes them a risk-free option for food preparation regions as well as clinical facilities. On the whole, epoxy floor is a good choice for any commercial place that really needs sturdy, simple-to-maintain flooring that's also safe & sanitary.

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5 Ways Epoxy Floor Makes Your Daily Living More Enjoyable

Below are five ways epoxy flooring Atlantic Beach can enhance the quality of your life:

1. Epoxy floors are really simple to clean. Just mop or vacuum them on a daily basis to have them look neat & tidy. Should there be any kind of spills, they could be quite easily wiped up using a wet cloth.

2. Epoxy floors are scratch & stain resistant. This really makes them appropriate for areas that experience loads of foot traffic or are susceptible to spillages, like bathrooms and kitchens.

3. Epoxy floor is slip-resistant. This is certainly a much-needed safety aspect if you have young kids or elderly people in the home.
4. Epoxy flooring is available in a variety of designs and colors. This enables you to set up a floor that is unique to your space or room and meets with your overall decor.
5. Epoxy floors are sturdy and long-lasting. If adequately taken care of, they can last for many years without exhibiting any kind of signs of aging.

Call us if you are thinking of epoxy flooring and want to try one on your office or residence. Our goal would be to give customers the very best epoxy floor coating experience possible. Together with our affordable and high-quality floor coatings, we are the best epoxy company in the Jacksonville, FL area. Contact us at (904) 664-1197 and will give you a virtual estimate or schedule you for an in-home estimate at your convenience.

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Why Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring Is The Best Epoxy Flooring Company in Atlantic Beach, FL

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They gave us a great estimate for our garage compared to everyone else in the Jacksonville area. I am super satisfied with how my flake epoxy floor turned out. Very good work I highly recommend.

Mark Arnold

3 days ago

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The guys at Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring were super professional and showed up on time. Their flooring guarantee is something you can depend upon if anything happens. They came recommended to me and I’m highly recommending them to everyone else.


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6 days ago

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The team at Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring did an excellent job and were very professional. They took the time to answer all our questions, explaining everything clearly along with their work process which impressed us! We would definitely recommend them for any future projects.

Grace Law

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6 days ago