Commercial Epoxy Flooring in Jacksonville

Have your commercial building built with one of our Elite Preferred epoxy flooring contractors. Our epoxy floors are a modern solution for your surfaces.

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Epoxy Flooring For Your Commercial Building

High quality flooring at an affordable rate

No matter the size of the job, we can come up with an accurate quote today. With our skilled team you never have to worry about the cost of the job ending up being way more than you expected to pay at the beginning. We are always changing our prices to compete and stay lower than the average cost of epoxy flooring. Our work here is done with 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. Unlike some other contractors, we never cut corners to save time or money. We install our floors with pride and make sure that it is done the right way every time. Have you ever been to an indoor car show and seen the twinkle from the sparkly floor beautifully reflecting off the clean car?


That material that makes up the floor is epoxy. Many commercial properties are going away from concrete and using epoxy to give it a better look and make the surface 2-3 times more durable. Also, its nonstick coating can make stains a thing of the past. Your surface can maintain its original shine with no chance for blemishes making for a perfect coating to display anything. When being in a commercial setting, you are going to want the most eye appealing floor. This can make your business separate itself from its competitors with the aesthetic and design of the room. Our workforce is capable of completing any project you have in mind.


This is a perfect flooring option for any setting; hospitals, schools, showrooms, etc. Whether you need a perfectly designed floor to go with the design of a multimillion dollar country club or simply repave the hallway of a school one color, epoxy can be right for you. Our team of architects and engineers here at Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring can help you create a flooring surface that can tie the whole room together. No matter what the design or location we can we can get a plan for you

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Why Choose Us For Your Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring?

Our years of experience and expertise have taught us a thing or two. Here’s what we know about creating a beautiful epoxy flooring on your property:

Top Rated Service

Tacoma House Siding has been providing professional siding services for more than a decade and only construct with the best quality materials to provide the most long-lasting siding for your home.

Excellent Reviews

Don't believe us? Check us out on the web. Our vinyl siding clients have great things to say about us! We take pride in our craftsmanship and professionalism. If you feel we provided exceptional service, or if you have any suggestions on what we could improve upon, feel free to leave a review of your own.


Our residential siding building crews have over 100 years of experience when it comes to planning, designing, and installation of Everlast Siding, Celect Siding, and more! We believe that working together is the best way to get things done quickly and efficiently so that you can have the siding you deserve in no time.

Built With Care

Tacoma House Siding focus on customer service from beginning to end. We never sacrifice quality when it comes to our composite vinyl projects. If we run into any unexpected problems, we will take all precautionary measures to ensure that your siding is safe and done right.

Client Comes First

 Our professional house siding contractors have been servicing residents for over a decade in the Tacoma Washington area. You are our number 1 priority, and we want to make sure that you have the best experience possible. If you feel that a worker is not putting you first, please contact us.

Licensed & Insured

Rest assured that our house siding contractors are licensed and insured by the state of Washington. All of our workers are qualified and trustworthy, so you know that your home is in good hands.

Advantages Of Epoxy Flooring on Your Commercial Building

Epoxy is the ideal flooring solution for any room. Discover how our innovative products can change your home or workplace today!

With commercial buildings in Jacksonville Florida, it is important to apply flooring that will work for the high traffic hallways. You must match your material with what you have and how often people use them because each one has its own requirements of care - but if they are epoxy floors then there's no need! They don't show dirt easily so maintenance won’t be an issue either; just keep up by washing periodically or vacuuming regularly.

The best part about these types of surfaces? All those expensive secondhand stores near me might not want them anymore once I put down some new demo-worthy tiles on their floor. Garage floors are often perfect places to install epoxy flooring because of their high standing, sound retention and dirt-resistant properties. Many facilities have experienced the benefits from installing this durable type such as warehouses, manufacturing plants laboratories among others.

Jointly created by professional garage makers with years' worth experience in making your asphalt or concrete patio even more beautiful than ever before; we know every detail counts when you're working on a project like yours so don't hesitate any longer!

With concrete floors that are epoxy coated, you can enjoy a product that lasts much longer and is more resistant to wear. This means less money spent on maintaining these flooring surfaces as well as other aspects of running your business!

The epoxy is converted into a solid polymer that makes it incredibly stronger and prevents chemical breakdown. The conversion process also eliminates water, which helps to prolong the life of your product!

Epoxy floors are easy to install! This means that you spend less time shutting down your production for installation work.

epoxy coatings are tough and durable, making them the perfect option for your floor. They keep it clean! No more hassle with oil or water spills that will damage its surface - just sweep up any messes immediately after application because this stuff has no pores in its sealant to trap dirt like other products do.

The epoxy coating is available in many different colors and patterns to fit your building style.

Epoxy floor coating can withstand even the most potent chemicals. These properties make it a perfect choice for warehouses or manufacturing plants that deal with various types of materials on a daily basis, such as acids and alkalis.

The floor is designed to protect against accidents in your workplace. It's easy to maintain, and can reduce incidents by up tp 90%.

With high gloss options for epoxy coatings, lighting conditions are improved to a large extent because of reflection.

Epoxy flooring is a maintenance free way to keep your facility in tip top shape. The forgiving nature of epoxies means that you can maintain less equipment, leading to lower costs and happier employees!

The most common surface used by mechanics across America today with over two million jobs completed annually will be replaced soon when manufacturers begin production on new products made from an environmentally-friendly material called "epoxy". Not only does this make it easier for people like yourself who own businesses or operate private garages but also saves their clients money through decreased operating expenses such as oil changes and tire rotations; one major advantage we've seen already is there's no liquid type corrosion needed either so fewer trips back outside during winter months.

Epoxy floor coating is the best solution for all your needs. It can be used to provide a smooth and level surface on any type of concrete, old or new; it’s also safe enough that you could even skateboard across its finish! The advantages don't stop there though: restaurant patrons will love how easy their own food stays stuck in one place when walking around an epoxied-down dining room while rehabilitation facility patients who need non slip mats at different heights throughout their care facilities reap several rewards from this incredible product such as reduced risk injuries during therapy sessions by allowing maneuverability without heel striking so frequently.

Benefits To Our Jacksonville Epoxy Floors

All the benefits and advantages of Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring broken down for your easier comprehension.

The high-gloss shine floor is a beautiful, modern addition to any home.

These fluids are all impervious to the various oils and gasses that they come into contact with on a regular basis!

You can save a lot on long-term costs with our epoxy floors.

Epoxy Floors will last for years with little or no regular maintenance.

Easy to clean surfaces.

Increased slip, fall, and fire resistance.

Increased property value.

Perfect option for any commercial, industrial, or residential property.

Benefits To Our Jacksonville Commercial Epoxy Floors

All the benefits and advantages of Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring broken down for your easier comprehension.

The high-gloss shine floor is a beautiful, modern addition to any home.

These fluids are all impervious to the various oils and gasses that they come into contact with on a regular basis!

You can save a lot on long-term costs with our epoxy floors.

Epoxy Floors will last for years with little or no regular maintenance.

Easy to clean surfaces.

Increased slip, fall, and fire resistance.

Increased property value.

Perfect option for any commercial, industrial, or residential property.

Our Epoxy Installation Process

Creating the best epoxy flooring solution for you

Estimate - ( Day 1 )

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Installation - ( Day 2-4 )

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Finished Floor ( 2-4 Days )

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Our Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring experts are licensed and qualified to provide you an over the phone or online estimate. If additional work is required for your floor then they will come out to your location and inspect the additional work needed.

The installation process is fairly easy after inspecting and prospecting the size of your floor, materials wanted, and additional work required. Most floors are installed and useable within 4 days. Many are completed within 48 hours.

Generally, our epoxy flooring contractors are able to give an estimate, install, and finish an epoxy floor all within the same week. Most floors only take a few days to complete, depending on the scope of the project. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy Flooring

We want to make sure you're informed before making a decision on your floor

What are the benefits to epoxy flooring? With its durability and easy maintenance, epoxy flooring is a great investment for any facility. Here are the top reasons that facility managers or homeowners invest in this product: 

  • Unlike other materials like linoleum which can crack or peel at high temperatures, epoxies don't react to changes in temperature so you never have worry about getting rid of it because your floors got too hot!

  • The spill is a real pain, and you need to get it off fast before the damage gets worse. The will not stick around for long with our tough rubber formula!

  • The surface is slip resistant when wet, but skid-resistant additives can also be added.

  • The most important thing for protecting your concrete is the surface it's sitting on. The ideal option would be one without any pores or crevices where dirt could get lodged, so water doesn't pool in and cause damage over time due to evaporation. 

  • Stops water and other moistures from seeping up in the basement.

  • Lasts 10-20 years when installed by Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring.

  • Increases the value of your home. 

  • Easily customizable

Does epoxy flooring work well for a commercial setting? Commercial epoxy flooring is durable, yet attractive enough to be used in areas where heavy machinery like forklifts operate. The floors can withstand both constant foot traffic and chemical spills without showing its age or deteriorating!

Can you put epoxy flooring on damaged concrete? Unfortunately, we can't apply the flooring until any water damage is repaired.. Luckily, we can do the repairs for you.

Are there disadvantages of epoxy floor coatings? You may think that epoxy flooring is a great solution for any home, but there are some situations where it won’t work. For example if your floor system has been damp or dirty and not properly cleaned before installation of the product; trapped moisture can cause damage leading to repairs at times. Might smell like chemicals during application-this goes away eventually! Most issues with this type material arise because professionals install them which helps avoid most problems